About us

The Paper-pulp industry has undergone a great deal of change in recent years to cater for the needs of major industry, with the consolidation of its production volume worldwide.

Tooling Artwork's is currently working in partnership with some of the world’s major molded fiber manufacturers, sharing and promoting technology and will continue to innovate and supply quality products to our clients.

Pulp tray Series

- Max.output: 100 T/mth

- Exact draft angles: ≤ 2 degrees.

- Fastest lead time of prototype samples: 10 days after drawing confirmed

Mould Series

- Facility: with 120 machines

- Capability: 2000 T/mth

- Labour: 300

- Quality: after-pressed

Finished Product

- Max.output: 800 T/mth

- Draft angle: minimum 1.5 degree

- Color: natural or dyed

- Third-party Certified: RoHS

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