About TAW Holding Limited


The Paper-pulp industry has undergone a great deal of change in recent years to cater for the needs of major industry, with the consolidation of its production volume worldwide.

TAW Holding Limited's is currently working in partnership with some of the world’s major molded fiber manufacturers, sharing and promoting technology and will continue to innovate and supply quality products to our clients.
We provide a one-stop service from conception to mass production and our designers are fully trained in the latest 3D design software.

about1.jpgWe supply the following services:

    3D Design
    Prototype Moulding and samples
    Production Moulding
    Mass production of “hot pressed” pulp
    Mass production of conventional style pulp

    Pulp leads a packaging trend .


    1.To promote productivity excellence through the provision of integrated support across the value chain.
    2.To achieve an effective utilization of resources by providing efficiency and cost effectiveness.
    3.To enhance the value-added quality content of products and services.
    4.To sustain our international competitive edge.
    5.To provide superior value to customers, employees and the community.


    Architecture diagram